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B.M. Pharmaceuticals invest in the development of new technologies that improve patient adherence and help predict individual response to treatment.

We create innovative medicines and prioritize our work based on unmet medical need and strong scientific understanding of disease – not the size of the potential commercial market.

The researchers of B.M. Pharmaceuticals are working to map complex protein signaling networks known as molecular signaling pathways inside of cells. These molecular pathways are highly controlled and interconnected signal-relay systems, similar to communication networks, and are responsible for normal cell function. When a protein in a pathway does not function properly, the result can be abnormal signaling and disease. Scientists at B.M. Pharmaceuticals develop small molecule drugs or antibodies to target key nodes within pathways that, when defective, lead to disease.

To translate scientific discoveries from the lab bench to the clinic, B.M. Pharmaceuticals uses proof-of-concept clinical trials (small scale studies used to get an early read on a drug’s safety and effectiveness) to help find and advance the most promising drug candidates. These proof-of-concept studies often focus on treating a rare, but genetically well-defined disease.

By focusing on the patient and following the science, B.M. Pharmaceuticals has discovered innovative treatments for disorders ranging from cancer to degenerative disease.


Never underestimate the power of innovation!

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